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Compared with other packaging materials, PVC does a better job protecting against contamination by helping to prevent the spread of germs throughout the product’s lifecycle – from manufacturing and distribution to display. Thanks to this protection, foods are better conserved, thereby reducing unnecessary waste.

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Thermoformed Trays, Boxes & DosesFood Wrap Films

High Clarity, No Defects

Rigid or semi-rigid PVCs based on the use of homopolymers or a mixture of homo- and copolymers are used to manufacture thermoformed film. PVC has excellent mechanical properties, good hot melt fluidity, delivers high clarity without defects, and presents no danger to human health. Thermoformed film is manufactured by calendaring thin sheets followed by embossing (with or without vacuum).

Today, thermoformed rigid packaging solutions using controlled atmosphere (MAP) protect fresh, processed and convenience food such as meat, sausage, cheese, pasta and much more.


SolVin® S-PVC
SolVin® E-PVC
SolVin® PVC Copolymer
Benvic® PVC Compound
Vinyloop® R-PVC





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