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Vinlys for Consumer Goods 

The role PVC plays in our daily lives is staggering. From the rooms we inhabit, to the clothes we wear to the currency we carry, its range of applications is only limited by our imaginations.


PVC is no stranger to the clothing industry. Employed for its waterproof qualities and aesthetic versatility, it is commonly used in footwear, coats, sporting gear and accessories.

Home, Lawn & Garden

PVC has many uses in the garden, from hoses to lawn furniture. Thanks to its durability, PVC withstands the outdoor elements and, better yet, it’s easy to maintain.

Sport & Leisure

When it comes to sports and leisure, athletic footwear isn’t the only thing made of PVC. PVC can be found covering and coating a wide range of sporting equipment, for use in everything from football and golf to sailing. Non-toxic PVC is also a material of choice for lightweight and safe children play goods.


Flexible, durable, affordable to produce and easy to print on, PVC is the most popular material for office files, credit and debit cards.




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