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PVC for Healthcare 

Non-toxic PVC pervades the hospital environment, from the gloves stretched across a surgeon’s hands to the hygienic flooring to the high purity pouches and bags containing blood and solutions. Characterized by their toughness, abrasion and chemical resistance, another distinct advantage of PVC materials is the wide range of sterilization options available.

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Blood BagsDialysis & Solution PouchesSurgical Gloves

When Purity Counts

With their excellent mechanical properties, plasticized or semi-rigid PVC with a high molecular weight are used to manufacture blood bags and tubing. Another key advantage of these PVCs is that the particular resin used has an extremely low tendency to form fish-eyes, and displays fine gelation properties. Added benefits are its high purity and chemical resistance, and the fact that all the additives used in the final production processes conform to European Pharmacopoeia.

Blood bags are manufactured by a process known as calendaring or blow casing. Extrusion is used to manufacture the PVC used in the production of medical tubing.


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