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Sustainability & Innovation 


As a responsible manufacturer and corporate citizen, Vinythai’s management policy is founded on the principle of sustainable development that simply put, meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations. There are three main components for the development: Society, Environment and Economy.

Our first responsibility towards the society is to maintain with all stakeholders plus the residents living close to our plants a climate of transparency on all the industries’ activities to preserve the local environment. The other aspect of our contribution to the society comes from the exceptional wide range of application of our products in all aspects of our daily life.

The second component is a proof of the commitment to meet environmental standards through an efficient management system, for example ISO14001, and through the development of processes minimizing the environmental impact of our products throughout their life-cycles.. One of the key commitments to the sustainable development is the Responsible Care
® program in Vinythai.

Finally, being a global company will contribute to the worldwide economy by bringing prosperity to our employees and to the communities and in turn leading to a better quality of life, with benefits such as improved healthcare and education.

Integrated Management System
Integrated Management System Policy

HSE Mission and Strategy

Since the Earth Summit in Rio, 1992, the importance of a sustainable path for development has been embraced by Vinythai.

For Vinythai and all its employees, the Responsible Care policy is the backbone of our commitment to sustainable development.

Our chief priority is the control of all major risks from a health, safety and environmental standpoint. This is why  sustained assessment and improvement programs are systematically implemented and reviewed with the help of our  employees and our external ISO auditors and through the regular audits performed by the Health, Safety and Environmental specialists of our main shareholder Solvay SA.

A key factor in our strategy is to ensure a global approach to sustainable development is a commitment to include all company stakeholders in our program: employees, customers, contractors, transporters, authorities and local communities. Recent examples include our strong involvement in the Rayong Environmental and Safety Management Association and   the elaboration of the Chlor Alkali Transport Emergency Mutual Aid Group (CATEMAG).

We are convinced that PVC and caustic soda are eco-efficient products essential to improving the quality of life of people around the world. Moreover, numerous life-cycle assessments are carried out in partnership with governmental authorities, customers and scientific institutions to ascertain the products’ eco-efficiency performance in their various applications.


In Vinythai, Innovation and Suggestion process is considered as a critical success factor to ensure the systematic progress inside the company.

This is why Innovation and Suggestion is heavily promoted and encouraged. The culture of the Company, based on our values excellence, creativity, empowerment and team spirit significantly contributes to the success of this process.

Winners of the Company Annual Innovation Trophies are highly recognized among Vinythai personnel.

Enery Management System

Awards and Certifications
1. Carbon reduction label for products in 2010
    - PVC Suspension
    - PVC Emulsion
    - Caustic Soda
2. Carbon reduction label for Laboratory building in 2011
3. Carbon footprint in 2011
4. Green Industry in 2012
5. Voluntary Agreement 2012
6. Thailand Energy Award 2012





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