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By the active participation of its members, Solvay Indupa states its commitment to the community to which it belongs, helping to meet its needs

 Argentina - Projects


Youth Program - Solvay Indupa has a firm belief in the future of outstanding young people from Bahía Blanca, and it is shown in the programs “Programa de Pasantías”, aimed at students from high school and vocation schools of Bahía Blanca, which intends to contribute to the employment of young professionals in the region. The most important aim of this action is to promote the labor development of last term university students and newly graduted professionals.

Paper Recycling - Solvay Indupa headquarters in Buenos Aires, along with Solvay Química, collaborates with Garrahan Foundation participating in the “Paper Recycling Program” to obtain funds for the institution. The Bahía Blanca plant also has a similar program that helps different institutions and community justifys.

Visit to the Facilities - As part of its policy of opening up to the community, Solvay Indupa has a facilities visiting program, with the aim of giving the neighboring community the opportunity of getting to know its facilities and operations. The preferred themes are related to the activities of the company, its products and their use in everyday life. In this manner, we try to clear the negative concepts that surround industrial activities.

Argentina - Sponsorship


Founding Member of Chemical Industry Association of Bahía Blanca - Solvay Indupa is part of the Chemical Industry Association of Bahía Blanca (AIQBB), along with companies such as Mega, DOW Argentina and Profertil, also located in the Petrochemical Complex of Bahía Blanca. The vision that guides this association is that the Petrochemical Complex of Bahia Blanca is showing the greatest growth in the country.

In order to keep things running smoothly and in harmony, generating benefits for the whole society, this Association believes that the complex should be regarded by the community as “safe, environment-friendly and a good neighbor”. The main goal of the Association is to gather the efforts of the four companies to increase potential integration and communication with the community, and also to improve safety and environmental protection programs, information and coordination.

Active Participation in Apell Process - Apell stands for Emergency Preparedness and Awareness, designed by the United Nations with a view to providing coordinated responses to large scale technological accidents. Its objective is to protect community against human and material losses, as well as to prevent damage to the environment, by the preparation of a coordinated emergency plan designed to deal with the accidents effectively and to ensure minor damages.

Brazil - Projects


Chemistry and Nature – It started as a project for Environmental Education Solvay Indupa has been developing since 1997 in the community neighboring the Santo André site. This project is aimed mainly at involving students from schools located in the city of Rio Grande da Serra, Paranapiacaba and Ribeirão Pires in a process to find the key problems affecting the quality of life of the community and design an activities plan, working on the sustainable development and citizenship concepts.

Short Film on Chemistry and Nature - A social and environmental education project created in 2006 to move on with the work already under development by Solvay Indupa at schools in Rio Grande da Serra and Paranapiacaba. The movies are used in a stimulating and innovative way as the main tool to encourage students to reflect about local social and environmental matters. Based on surveys conducted by students about to complete the elementary school.

Fibers of the Hills - An environmental education and joint economy project developed by Solvay Indupa with the site-neighboring community of the city of Rio Grande da Serra. The project is focused on the creation of jobs and income and aimed at the production of handcrafted objects, fabrics with straw and banana tree fiber, which are added to other materials, based on environment attitudes such as: careful nature exploration, reuse of materials and reduction of wastes in production processes.

Brazil - Sponsorship


Heath Campaign – Solvay Indupa is a frequent sponsor of Vaccination Campaigns against dengue fever, among other diseases. The main beneficiaries are Communities of Rio Grande da Serra and Ribeirão Pires. 

Paranapiacaba Winter Festival - Paranapiacaba is an old village founded along a railway in 1867 that, although of a recognized historical importance, left forlorn for many years. For this reason, the local authority of Santo André, which since 2002 owns the village, has been trying to reinvigorate it by strengthening its tourism potential. The local authority of Santo André established a sub-office in Paranapiacaba which, as a quantum leap forward, created the Paranapiacaba Winter Festival.

Solvay Indupa sponsors the event since its inception in 2001. Since then, the festival takes place every year always in July, and each event goes beyond expectations both in number of visitors and quality of attractions presented. 





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