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Solvay Indupa engages in the production of PVC resins and chemicals such as caustic soda liquid and prills, and sodium hypochlorite

Sodium Hydroxide


Caustic soda, or sodium hydroxide, is a strong base soluble in water obtained through electrolysis of the brine. Sodium hydroxide is used in the manufacturing of our daily life products or in applications within aluminum, paper and pulp, chemicals, soaps and detergents, cleaning, refinery, metalworks, food, textile and water treatment industries, among others. 

Two specifications are available in the market, namely commercial soda and Rayon soda. The latter meets the requirements of all sectors, specifically those of the textile and chemical sectors, due to of its low sodium chloride content.

Solvay Indupa manufactures and provides sodium hydroxide in "Rayon Grade" liquid form or in solid pearls, meeting the international quality standards.

Sodium Hypochlorite


Sodium hypochlorite is obtained through the absorption of chlorine gas in a caustic soda solution. Its concentration is defined in terms of active chlorine. The product can be decomposed gradually in the presence of light and heat or spontaneously, reducing its concentration.

Thanks to its rusty and whitening properties, sodium hypochlorite is used in many industrial applications, such as in the textile, paper and pulp, and water treatment industry, and in many others.

Solvay Indupa sells this product in solution of 12 % (minimum) of active chlorine. When diluted, the product is known as common household bleach, and is used for cleaning, disinfection and deodorizing. Hypochlorite demands special care when handled because it releases chlorine gas in contact with acids.





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