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SolVin Commitment to Sustainable Development 

As a responsible producer, SolVin is devoted to be exemplary in terms of safety, environmental protection and sustainable development. The Responsible Care® policy is a key element in our Commitment.

Therefore, SolVin is committed to sustainable manufacturing solutions, and works closely with stakeholders in the industry, governments and local communities to encourage the recycling of plastics waste.

Besides its own efforts on sustainability, SolVin is also participating to Voluntary Commitments – such as Vinyl 2010 and VinylPlus – with defined quantifiable targets, projects, technical research and best practice sharing. The most significant action of SolVin in this matter is the development of a unique patented recycling technology named VinyLoop®, and the building of a plant dedicated to the production of recycled PVC (R-PVC).

SolVin is also engaged for already more than ten years in biodiversity missions and sponsored the “SolVin Bretzel” project: from an inflatable PVC raft transported across the tropical forest by a dirigible balloon, scientists can observe the forest canopy and discover as yet unknown active molecules which will enrich tomorrow’s pharmacopeia.

In these and other ways SolVin harnesses all its skills to offer the human community the full benefits of a reliable product with valuable inherent qualities.


Sustainable Development Report 2013



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