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Nidacell® is an exclusive patented technology for producing honeycomb panels and sandwiches.
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Key aspects
- cost competitive process
- adapted to a large range of thermoplastics
- open to co extrusion
- in line variable thickness
- in line sandwich skins assembling and endings
- foaming, filling and composite manufacturing

Based on Solvay’s expertise in polymer properties, processing and product performance, an original and polyvalent one step process for honeycomb production has been developed, adapted to a large range of thermoplastics.
This new technology gives plastic processors various ways of differentiation and an opportunity to produce the right 3D materials with the right benefits they were expected.
Cost competitive, this process offers additional opportunities to Solvay, by opening new businesses and enlarging its sales of PVC and technical polymers.
The Nidacell® project belongs to Solvay New Business portfolio which mission consists in building new activities in emerging, innovative Advanced Material & Systems based on technologies that go beyond the scope of Solvay’s existing businesses. They will complement existing businesses or help to create new ones to be integrated in existing sectors.

Exclusive patents
Original and innovative, Nidacell® technology and products are protected through several patent families, that gives Nidacell® licensees and customers all rights, know how, and protection they need to produce and sell Nidacell® honeycombs.

The Nidacell® process applies to all thermoformable polymers
- Using soft, rigid or recycled PVC to develop new opportunities in building, furniture or sport & leisure areas,
- Improving PP properties and benefits (adhesiveness, mechanical properties, weight reducing, etc.) to fit with automotive, trailers… specifications
- Composites, filled polymers, TPE, PA… honeycombs as new ways to develop new businesses in composite sandwiches applications
Technical polymers
Capitalizing on Solvay specialities’ portfolio (PPSU Radel®, PVDF Solef®, Caprolactones CAPA®, etc.) by offering a new range of functional honeycombs and technical sandwich structures





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