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Specialty Polymers
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Rigid PVC Compounds 

Our rigid PVC compounds are both available in granule and powder form (dry blend). This extended range covers all the processes: extrusion, injection, blow moulding, calendering ,…

That allows us to offer solutions for different types of applications.

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Automotive and Aerospace

Dacarto Benvic PVC compounds are appreciated for their performances as well as for their decorative and processability properties

They are used in automobiles and aircrafts, for side protection mouldings, sill plates, bumper inserts and windscreen/window finishing, under the bonnet parts, passenger compartment accessories, floor covering, etc…


passenger compartment



water tightness

Building and Architecture

Dacarto Benvic offers a wide range of visually attractive products designed to perform excellently under severe conditions indoors and outdoors.
- pipes and fittings
- electrical networks
- insulation and protection
- carpentry
- roller and leaf shutters
- building equipment
- swimming pools covers
- tarpaulins
- decorative items
- ...

Dacarto Benvic compounds are used for all sorts of indoor furnishing such as blinds, curtains, wall partitions, decorative profiles, .... From an aesthetic point of view, Dacarto Benvic PVCs give designers a free hand. They are available in a matt, satin or gloss finish according to the design specifications. Adding colour is simplicity itself and means that there is a virtually limitless choice.

Dacarto Benvic products are also used in outdoor and structural elements such as window frames, doors, roller and leaf shutters, decorative blinds, wall and cornice cladding as well as decorative profiles.
Recently, Dacarto Benvic has also developed special formulations for PVC-wood composites and other natural fibres.

Dacarto Benvic PVC is also a popular choice for manufacturing gutters, evacuation systems and drains, because it gives them excellent mechanical properties, resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents and minimizes maintenance.

indoor aplications 

outdoor aplications


Electro-technical Equipment

Thanks to their high resistance to heat and their outstanding mechanical and dielectric properties, Dacarto Benvic PVC compounds, both rigid and flexible, are used extensively in the production of electro-technical equipment such as :

- Electrical junctions boxes (low voltage connection and junction boxes, panels and covers, purpose made panels for electrical equipment, junction boxes with good acoustic insulation, etc…)
- Pieces of electrical equipment (light fittings, ventilation, air conditioning units, etc…)°
- Trunking and cable (cable guides, coiled cable guides, cable trays, electrical skirting ducts, protective tubing for external cables and coloured profiles to identify cables)



electrical junction boxes

general electro technical

trunking and cable 

Fluid Transport

Dacarto Benvic compounds are particularly suited to transporting food and technical products, sheathing central heating pipes, carrying domestic gas, garden and fire hoses with or without reinforcement and sheathing petrol pump hoses. They are available in food approved grades. Main applications are :

- Drinking water
- Evacuation systems and fittings
- Foodstuff (ex. milk and wine transport)
- Hydrocarbons (ex. gasolin and diesel) and gases (Butane, Propane, natural gas)
- Pressure fluids
- Fittings and pressure valves, valve accessories
- Watering and irrigation…





Whether for the packaging of food and liquids or for the packaging of cosmetics and chemicals, our product range based on PVC compounds offers an excellent combination of visual, mechanical and chemical properties. Dacarto Benvic compounds have well balanced barrier properties against oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as UV. They are resistant to micro organisms and chemical substances and also to pressure, impact and creep. They have excellent printability and be they transparent, opaque or glossy. They comply with European and US laws for drug packaging.

Our products are recommended for the following applications:
- Bottles for aggressive liquids (detergents, chemicals and automotive products), cosmetics liquids (shampoos, liquid gels, toilet water and other hair products), as well as for pharmaceutical flasks, food bottles, etc…
- Bags and pouches
- Containers
- Seals, tops, covers and fasteners and caps
- Films and sheets used in the food, technical and agricultural industries
- Blister packs for pharmaceutical and food industries…


blister pack


pharmaceutical flasks

cosmetic bottles

food bottles


tops and caps

Pharmaceutical Industry

For the highly demanding Pharmaceutical and Medical applications industry, we offer a variety of products specially designed for :

- flexible products such as  I.V. bags, gloves, draw sheets, tubing and ducts or syringes, catheters
- pharmaceutical flasks
Dacarto Benvic compounds meet the most stringent standards and approvals. Our comprehensive range of general purpose grades with a wide selection of Shore hardness and colors is extended to grades with enhanced properties such as Gamma ray resistance or to non-DOP grades for particular applications.

Our medical grades meet the European Pharmacopoeia requirements and most of grades have been successfully tested for biocompatibility (ISO 10993)



flexible products

pharmaceutical flasks







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