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Diofan® and Ixan® High-Barrier Polymers 

The smart choice in barrier for packaging and product protection.

Diofan® and Ixan® high barrier polymer grades enhance and upgrade packaging materials by giving them barrier properties which prevent the transmission of water vapor or oxygen, for example, or the ingress of odors. Diofan® and Ixan® polymers provide strong seals to make hermetic packages, and it improves the appearance of packaging through its transparency, gloss, print-adhesion and scratch resistance.

Diofan® Aqueous High Barrier Polymer Dispersions

The application of a very thin layer of Diofan® aqueous dispersions on various types of base webs impressively enhances their barrier and packaging properties, enabling them to insure the freshness of food or to preserve the efficacy of drugs even when distributed to remote geographical areas.

Ixan® High Barrier Polymer Resins

Ixan® extrusion grades of barrier resins provide long-lasting protection for advanced packaging and medical film solutions, maximizing customer satisfaction with minimum risk. Barrier film packaging solutions, for both vacuum or MAP technology, are a reliable choice for achieving long shelf-life for packaging of fresh meats, processed meats, fresh/frozen fish, poultry and cheese, along with excellent pack appearance.

Ixan® Soluble Barrier Polymer Powders

Dissolved Ixan® resins are used as adhesion primers, heat-sealing lacquers and print-ink binder on various substrates. Cellulose and PET films (plain or metallized) and aluminium foils are coated with soluble Ixan® grades without the necessity of applying an adhesion promoter.


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