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Ixan® Barrier Polymer Resins 

Ixan® extrusion grades of barrier resins provide long-lasting protection for advanced packaging and medical film solutions, maximizing customer satisfaction with minimum risk. Barrier film packaging solutions, for both vacuum or MAP technology, are a reliable choice for achieving long shelf-life for packaging of fresh meats, processed meats, fresh/frozen fish, poultry and cheese, along with excellent pack appearance.

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A Special Combination of Properties Delivers Unique Capabilities

Barrier films made with Ixan® extrusion resins are unique in their combination of properties which include transparency, high shrinkage, excellent water vapor and oxygen barrier, flavor and aroma barrier, microwavebility, good mechanical resistance and toughness.

In medical applications such as ostomy bags, this allows patients to lead an active life in the sure knowledge that there will be no leakage.

Multi-layer films using Ixan® copolymers are manufactured using both cast and blown film process technology. The versatile property profile of Ixan® PVDC grades offers the possibility to satisfy complex packaging requirements by simplifying film structures to only 3-5 layers.



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