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Ixan® Soluble Barrier Polymer Powders 

Dissolved Ixan® resins are used as adhesion primers, heat-sealing lacquers and print-ink binder on various substrates. Cellulose and PET films (plain or metallized) and aluminium foils are coated with soluble Ixan® grades without the necessity of applying an adhesion promoter.

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Ixan® Multi-Purpose PVDC Resins

Ixan® soluble resins are excellent adhesion primers with barrier functionality on aluminum, metallized films and substrates, plastic films, paper, cellulose film, steel and wood. They are suitable for subsequent coating with Diofan® dispersions, the aqueous PVDC range for barrier coatings from Solvay Specialty Polymers.

Ixan® soluble resins can be used as binders in print-inks and in lacquer formulations as well as for heat-sealable protective varnishes.

Ixan® aluminum coating grades can be used to make foils reliably seal to themselves or to other webs, such as plastic foils, without losing barrier properties.



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