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Diofan® Aqueous High Barrier Polymer Dispersions  

The application of a very thin layer of Diofan® aqueous dispersions on various types of base webs impressively enhances their barrier and packaging properties, enabling them to insure the freshness of food or to preserve the efficacy of drugs even when distributed to remote geographical areas.

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In addition to offering high barrier properties for food and pharmaceutical packaging, Diofan® products are the basic ingredient for effective corrosion protection systems in the metal converting industry and maintenance sector. The building industry appreciates the unsurpassed humidity barrier for walls and floors of coating and primer systems containing Diofan® resins.

Combination of Barrier Properties

Chemical Resistance

The broad-ranging chemical resistance of Diofan® coatings help protect the quality, appearance and performance of your valuable products.

Corrosion Protection

Thanks to its unrivalled low moisture and water permeability, single coats or primers based on Diofan® dispersions exhibit outstanding corrosion resistance, even in the most severe environments.

Diofan® binders provide excellent early water resistance, with overall performance equivalent to that obtained from traditional high performance solvent based paint systems (salt spray performance > 1000 h). Diofan® helps in the formulation of highly technical, one-pack, water-based paints which are better for both health and the environment.

This low VOC dispersion (<100 ppm) allowing for the production of anticorrosion systems compliant with European and local regulations, notably those related to VOCs.



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