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Specialty Polymers
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Specialty Polymers for Telecom/Data/LAN Cables 

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Primary Insulation, Jacketing & SheathingFiber Optic Cable

Hyflon® MFA® and Halar® ECTFE offer excellent electrical properties and the highest fire performance. They remain consistent and sustain their performance even at high temperature and humidly. Solef® PVDF also possess excellent fire performance properties. All fluoropolymers are well suited for various over-cable jacketing applications, primary conductor insulation and as profile-extruded components.

Hyflon® MFA® 1041 is ideal for primary insulation, cross-webs and separators. Halar® ECTFE offers excellent weatherability, chemical and thermal resistance for durable jacketing. Foamed Hyflon® MFA® grades can be used for primary insulation for shielded twisted pair applications and coaxial cables. Foamed Halar® ECTFE grades can be used for cross-webs and coaxial cable core insulation.

Algoflon® PTFE powder offers the low friction, light weight and high temperature characteristics needed for wire insulation. The requirements for this application also include:

  • Optimum dielectric and electrical properties
  • High chemical inertness
  • High thermal stability
  • High flame resistance
  • Low smoke generation
  • High stress-crack resistance
  • Good pigment ability
  • High resistance to ageing

Answering to all of these, Algoflon® DF powder find application as wire insulator throughout the aerospace, architectural, chemical, electronics, industrial, telecommunication and transportation (automotive and marine) industries. It is currently used as insulator in different wire configurations that include primary conductor insulation in lead wires and coaxial cables.

Cogegum® AFR and GFR polyolefin based grades, are the ideal choice when very low wall thickness, flexibility, high flame retardancy and high safety level in case of fire are required. Specialty ambient cure crosslinkable grades are available for Oil & Gas and high temperature applications.


Hyflon® MFA®
Halar® ECTFE
Solef® PVDF
Algoflon® PTFE powder
Cogegum® XLPO/HFFR

Fluoropolymers Properties for Wire and Cable

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