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Specialty Polymers for Special Applications Cables 

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Algoflon® PTFE fine powder offer the low friction, electrical and high temperature characteristics needed for wire insulation. The requirements for this application also include:

  • Optimum dielectric and electrical properties
  • High chemical inertness
  • High thermal stability
  • High flame resistance
  • Low smoke generation
  • High stress-crack resistance
  • Good pigment ability
  • High resistance to ageing

Algoflon® DF powder meets these requirements in many applications, including: wire insulator throughout the aerospace, architectural, chemical, electronics, industrial, telecommunication and transportation (automotive and marine) industries.

It is currently used as insulator in different wire configurations that include primary conductor insulation in lead wires and coaxial cables.

Solvay also offers a family of ambient cure crosslinkable grades allowing: fast curing in ambient, ready-to-use on conventional extrusion lines, wide operation temperature, high insulation, polyolefin based flame retardant system, high oil and fuel resistance and to chemicals, high safety level in case of fire with no acid gas evolution and very low smoke density, wheathering and UV resistance, RoHS compliance.


Algoflon® PTFE fine powders
Cogegum® GFR & AFR
Polidiemme® XLPO



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