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Specialty Polymers
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Specialty Polymers for E/E Production Equipment 

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When the chips are packaged and tested, they must be assembled on mother boards. Vapor Phase Soldering (VPS) uses the latent heat of condensation of Galden® PFPE vapors in order to melt solder paste and hence to obtain reliable metal joints. Solder traditionally used ~ 60% of tin (Sn) and ~ 40% of lead (Pb).

Now alternative solder materials have been introduced; the most common replacements for lead are silver (Ag), Copper (Cu) and Bismuth (Bi). These alternative materials, however, bring a challenge: higher melting temperature. Traditional tin/lead solders melt at ~ 180°C while lead free solder melts at ~227°C. Soldering temperatures are, as well as heating issues, ongoing concerns for PCBs assemblers.

Galden® PFPE LS / HS is a line of fully fluorinated fluids specifically designed for the VPS process with the following properties:

  • The narrow molecular weight distribution
  • Very strong carbon-fluorine bond
  • Flexible ether link

Galden® PFPE LS and HS fluids precise vapor temperature eliminates overheating, offering the widest temperature range to lead free solders up to 260°C and are RoHS compliant.



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