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Specialty Polymers
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High-Performance Polymers for Mobile Electronics 

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Structural Components

Kalix® high-performance (HPPA) and Ixef® polyarylamide (PARA) can replace metal in structural components where strength, rigidity and aesthetics are important, such as housings, covers, chassis and frames.

Kalix® HPPA

  • High strength and rigidity
  • Excellent surface appearance
  • Lower warpage and low to no flash
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Halogen-free flame retardant grades
  • Bio-sourced polymers

Ixef® PARA

  • High strength and rigidity
  • Excellent surface appearance
  • High flow fills thin-walled parts
  • Low and slow moisture uptake
  • Halogen-free flame retardant grades

Electronic Components

Amodel® polyphthalamide (PPA) outperforms standard polyamides in high-temperature electronic applications such as micro-speakers, micro-receivers, micro-switches, connectors, camera modules and LEDs.

Amodel® PPA

  • High heat resistance
  • High strength and stiffness
  • Retains properties in humid environments
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Good surface appearance



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