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Li-Ion Batteries 

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Solef® PVDF is a family of high-performance PVDF grades ideally suited for binder application thanks to their outstanding properties, such as:

  • Electrochemical stability from 0 to 5 V vs Li+/Li
  • Solubility in standard solvents such as NMP
  • High temperature stability

When Solef® PVDF is utilized as binder, it guarantees durable adhesion at electrodes and mechanical integrity in the aggressive chemical environment of the battery.

Among different grades, it is possible to choose the Solef® PVDF grade according to its viscosity and performances. High molecular weight leads to improved performances, provided that optimized processing conditions are implemented.

Further developments with special focus on new environmental-friendly processes are on-going. Water based binders and binders with a better fit with different chemistries of active materials are being studied.


Solef® PVDF



High Molecular Weight PVDF leads to improved performances and also increases solution viscosity. It is therefore recommended to optimize binder content and especially slurry formulation in order to guarantee ease of processing.

Slurry viscosity LiCoO2

Special Grade for the Automotive Industry

New Solef® 5130 PVDF has been designed especially for meeting increasing requirements of the high demanding application of the Automotive Industry. The innovative grade guarantees increased performances in terms of adhesion, which are translated into higher energy density, better power performances and longer cycle life. The overall cost of the energy is therefore reduced.

Adhesion at Cathode

Cycle Life with LiFePO4



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