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Specialty Polymers
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Fully-Fluorinated Polymers 

Fully-Fluorinated Polymers offer the advantages of chemical inertness in aggressive environments, excellent electrical properties, fire propagation, thermal and weathering resistance, high purity and superior anti-stick properties.

Algoflon® L/Polymist® PTFE Micronized Powders

Algoflon® L and Polymist® micronized powders are a family of PTFE powders specially developed for use as additives in other materials. They are finely divided, low molecular weight PTFE powders used to enhance processing or end-use performance properties of host products and base resins. Even at low percentages the use of these micronized powders will impart some of the properties of PTFE to the host material.

Algoflon® PTFE Dispersions

Algoflon® D grades are colloidal aqueous dispersions of PTFE particles, stabilized with appropriate surfactants. Algoflon Dispersions may contain additional formulation ingredients for the control of specific properties like wetting, rheology, stability, etc.

Algoflon® PTFE Fine Coagulated Powders

Algoflon® DF grades are PTFE Fine Coagulated Powders produced through dispersion polymerization followed by latexes post-treatments. Algoflon® DF grades can be homo or modified PTFE polymers and may differ in MW and MWD, in modifier type, content and distribution, and morphology. Antistatic compounds are also available.

Algoflon® PTFE Granulars

Algoflon® PTFE Granular resins are obtained through suspension polymerization followed by post-treatment to obtain "fine cut" PTFE powders. Algoflon® S grades free-flow powders with increased flow and bulk density are obtained through an agglomeration process.

Hyflon® AD

Hyflon® AD is a family of amorphous perfluoropolymers which resemble semi-crystalline ones in their performance properties.

Hyflon® PFA & MFA®

Hyflon® PFA & MFA® are semi-crystalline fully-fluorinated melt processable fluoropolymers which offer the highest temperature rating and broadest chemical resistance of all melt processable fluoropolymers. They are an ideal choice for extreme thermal and chemical environments.


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