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Specialty Polymers
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Hyflon® PFA & MFA® 

Hyflon® PFA & MFA® are semi-crystalline fully-fluorinated melt processable fluoropolymers which offer the highest temperature rating and broadest chemical resistance of all melt processable fluoropolymers. They are an ideal choice for extreme thermal and chemical environments.

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Hyflon® PFA & MFA® are melt processable perfluoropolymers for coatings and impregnation utilized to impart several property enhancements to the substrates.

They are available in different physical forms including:

  • Powders for electrostatic coating, rotomolding, and rotolining
  • Aqueous dispersions for coatings and impregnation

Hyflon® MFA® D Series

Property Test Method Units Hyflon® MFA®
Hyflon® MFA®
Hyflon® MFA® content
(on the mixture)
ASTM D4441 % by weight 55 50
Non ionic surfactant
(on the mixture)
ASTM D4441 % by weight 3.5 4.0
pH ASTM D4441   >9 >9
Density ASTM D4441 g/cm3 1.41 1.41
Melting point ASTM D4591 °C 310 310
Melt flow index
(372°C, 5kg)
ASTM D1238 g/10' 6.5 6.5
Brookfield viscosity
ASTM D2196 cP 20 20
Average particle size Solvay Solexis method µm 0.18 0.18
Critical thickness Solvay Solexis method µm 7-10 10-15
APFO content
(on the mixture)
Solvay Solexis method ppm by weight <50 <50

Hyflon® PFA & MFA® P Series

Property Test Method Units Hyflon® MFA®
Hyflon® PFA
Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 2.15 2.15
Average particle size Laser diffraction µm 25 25
Melt flow index
(372°C, 5 kg)
ASTM D1238 g/10' 13 13
Melting point ASTM D3307 °C 285 305
Oven processing temperature   °C 360 380



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