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Designing with Plastics: A Guide for Engineers 

High-performance plastics have clearly emerged as the material of choice for many demanding design engineering projects. But the same characteristics that make plastics so useful and versatile can also present significant challenges to design engineers, especially if most of your experience has been with metals.

These articles offer insight into some of the key issues that engineers face when designing with plastics. Additional resources include our in-depth Design and Processing guides which can be found on the various product family pages.

helpful articles about Designing with plastics
Design Recipe For Ribs
How to Avoid Molding Pitfalls
How to Manage Stress
Prototyping Part One – Pick Two: Good, Fast or Cheap
Prototyping Part Two – Do It Right the First Time
Quick Look at Additives
Quick Look at Colorants
Thermal Properties – Long Term
Thermal Properties – Short Term
Tool Tips – Materials, Manifolds & More
What are "Typical Properties"?

Professional Global CAE Support

For application-specific CAE support, we offer many services to assist you with:

  • Part consolidation
  • Tool design to achieve best mechanical properties
  • Gate location for lowest warpage or optimal placement of weld lines

For assistance on your application, contact your local Solvay sales representative.




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