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Specialty Polymers
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Polidan® PEX/XLPE 

Polidan® PEX/XLPE materials are silane, moisture and ambient-cure, cross-linkable polyethylene grades for wire & cable applications as well as pipes and fittings. PEX/XLPE can also be used for other applications requiring high or low working temperatures, and improved chemical and/or abrasion resistance.

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Polidan® PEX/XLPE can be used where high or low working temperature, and improved chemical and abrasion resistance are required. All grades are ready-to-use on standard extrusion or injection molding lines.

Key Features

  • High temperature and hydrolysis resistance
  • High electrical and insulation properties
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Potable water approved
  • High extrusion speed on standard lines

Chemical Resistance

Chemical class Example PE-100 TUX Notes
Acids except conc. sulf. acid and nitric acid 60 90 special stabilisation
Bases   60 90 special stabilisation
Salts   60 90  
Hydrocarbons alipahtic < C5 60 90 no condensate
  alipahtic > C5 25 25  
  aromatic 50 80  
  oil 50 80  
Alcohols   60 90  
Oxydizing chemicals   25 25 not recommend
Carboxylic derivates   25 60 special stabilisation


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