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Specialty Polymers
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High Performance Cross-Linkable Compounds 

A full range of ambient cure cross-linkable materials for applications that require wide working temperature, chemical and fire resistance together with long-life endurance at severe conditions. Ready-to-use on convential processing lines

Cogegum® XLPO-HFFR

The Cogegum® series of ambient-cure, cross-linkable Halogen Free Fire Retardant compounds are specially developed for wire and cable insulation and sheathing applications that require wide working temperatures, RoHS compliance, and resistance to oil, fuels, alkaline, acids, drilling mud and fluids.

Polidan® PEX/XLPE

Polidan® PEX/XLPE materials are silane, moisture and ambient-cure, cross-linkable polyethylene grades for wire & cable applications as well as pipes and fittings. PEX/XLPE can also be used for other applications requiring high or low working temperatures, and improved chemical and/or abrasion resistance.

Polidiemme® XLPO

Flexible elastomer-based ambient cure cross-linkable materials, for power, specialty and highly flexible cable insulation and sheathing with enhanced thermomechanical properties. Polidiemme® grades can be used also for other applications where high or low working temperatures, improved chemical and abrasion resistance are required.


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